Black Friday Deals

This is the best time of the year for the true blooded bargain hunters.

Black Friday is always crazy and always wrought with opportunities to pick up great items at heavily discounted prices, but to get the most efficient and valuable experience, it’s good to keep a few tips in mind.

Make sure to do your research beforehand. Websites such as,,, can help you save time by compiling lists of the best deals in town. Gotta deal forum at is also a great way to pick the brains of other consumers on bargains online or in store.

Make a shopping list and adhere to it. Preparation can save so much time, and perhaps frustration as well. Get a team of family or friends to help you traverse the lines and map out the locations and places in the stores for your key purchases.

Don’t assume that the best deals are to be found in-store. Although you are unlikely to find any of the rare free deals on store websites, often you will save more money by staying home and find equitable deals to any in-store bargains around. Not to mention you will avoid all the crowds and attitudes that often go along with it.

Last but not least, remember that Black Friday is not the only day of the year to get awesome deals. The last Saturday or Sunday before Christmas typically is busier than Black Friday, according to studies. Black Friday may see the most shoppers out and about, but sales are typically lower.


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