Car Maintenance in for Cold Weather

If you live in an area that experiences cold to sub-zero temperatures in winter, consider a bit of extra care for your car.

Buy a battery warmer if you keep your car in the garage. This will help your car to start sooner on those cold days. If you park your car outside, position it so the hood gets the first bit of sunshine in the morning. Position it for the afternoon sun if parking it for most of the day. If your lock freezes, heat your key with a lighter or match. Be sure to wear gloves when you are heating the key to avoid burning your fingers. To prevent locks from freezing, squirt dry graphite lubricant into the lock and place your key into it several times.

Snow tires should be stored carefully in the summer. Spray them with silicone to prevent drying. Never use petrolium on your tires. Store the tires flat.

If you drive in deep snow conditions, always keep emergency equipment in your car. This can include emergency blankets or a sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees, a shovel, candles, bags of sand, emergency matches, canned food, utensiles, can opener, first aid kit, flash light, batteries and flares. Always keep your cell phone charged and with you.


Via Women