Changing Your Oil

Ever wonder if you could change your own oil? It’s easy, really. Just follow the steps below and “viola” your done.

  1. Warm your car’s engine and then turn it off. Raise your car with jack stands or on ramps. Never go under your car when it is supported by the jack that came with your car. Put a pan under the drain plug under the car. Check your car’s manual for the location of the drain plug.
  2. Now, loosen the plug with a wrench. Remember, when the plug is about to come off you need to be prepared for hot oil to pour out. Just as it is about to come off, turn it and pull away quickly. When the oil drips are about 15 seconds apart, the oil is completely drained. Use a rag to clean the plug and drain hole. Put the plug back on. When you have it tight by hand, use the wrench to turn it one half rotation more.
  3. Check your manual to find where your oil filter is. Place the pan under the oil filter. Use a filter wrench to loosen the filter in a counterclockwise motion. Unscrew the rest by hand.
  4. Use the rag to wipe the area that connects the filter to the car. Coat the gasket of the new filter with clean engine oil. Turn the filter clockwise until the gasket makes contact with the base. Use the filter wrench to turn it 180 degrees.
  5. Lower your car. Open the oil filler area with a clean cloth. Fill with oil. Run your engine for a minute or two. Turn off the car. Check for oil leaks in the plug and filter area. Use your dipstick to check the oil level. Add more oil if necessary.
  6. Pour your used oil into a plastic container and cover it. Take it to a gas station that has a used oil holding tank.


Via Women