Why I Hate My Wii Fit Plus

Let me explain a little further. Yes, I hate my Wii Fit Plus, but only because it holds me accountable for both my weight and my fitness routine. This leads to my review of the Wii Fit Plus!

I have been using the Wii Fit Plus and balance board for a month. During this time I have yet to be bored with both the routines and the games. When you first begin using the Wii Fit it will ask for your personal information and then weigh you on the board. From there you learn your BMI and Wii Fitness age.

Following the initial setup on the Wii Fit you can choose a trainer and begin playing any of the 60 games or you can set up a workout routine. You can choose from five main categories including yoga, strength, training, aerobics, balance games and “training plus.”

Are the exercises in Wii Fit an actual challenge? Let’s just say that when I began my first routine my children heard a lot of groaning, whining and yes, laughing. Because the workout is both a challenge and fun, even if you can’t quite make it through the entire routine.
What do I find is the best and sometimes worst thing about the Wii Fit Plus? It will not spare your feelings when it comes to feedback on both your performance and your overall progress. If you chose to lose two pounds in two weeks and you don’t, the Wii can’t be fooled and will tell you so. All joking aside, this is a good thing and helps to motivate you to the next step.

The best part about having a Wii Fit in the home is how it motivates not only me but the children to get up and move. There have been countless times I’ve been playing a game and they have asked to play along with me. As a matter of fact, when I begin playing the Wii Fit it is often hard to finish the routine alone.

You can add exercise information to the Wii that you have completed outside of the game. The area is difficult to find. To add exercises you have done outside of the Wii Fit Plus, go to the graph under Fit Credits. Select the Activity Log to enter your information. Unfortunately, the choices are fairly generic, only giving the options of intensity and time. I would rather see more options such as “crunches” and “amount,” with automatic feedback on calories burned for that type of exercise.

My overall rating for the Wii Fit Plus is a two thumbs up. It is an excellent way to track your weight loss or fitness journey, enabling you to “change things up” if you become bored with a particular routine. And even better? If you have kids, no doubt they will be right next to you asking to play!


Via Women