Jalapeño Vinegar – Add Some Spice to Your Kitchen

Here is an easy recipe that will last for several months. That is, if you don’t finish it first! Purchase a bottle of white vinegar. Take out two pots. Fill one pot with the vinegar and one with water. Place the empty vinegar bottle in the water. Set both pots to boil. When each has reached the boiling point, turn off and allow to cool a bit.

Take out the bottle with tongs and place it in the sink. Take five to eight jalapeño peppers and stuff them down into the bottle. You can vary the strength of this vinegar by the amount of jalapeños you put in. Now, pour the vinegar through a funnel back into the bottle. Allow to cool a bit more and place this mixture in your refrigerator.

This jalapeno vinegar is an amazing flavor boost to almost anything. Cut some fresh cucumbers, add some fresh basil and olive oil and then sprinkle with your vinegar. Dribble your vinegar on corn bread, tomatoes, chili, tacos or even chicken!


Via Women