Keeping Multiple Cats in Your Home

Are you planning on giving a new home to a second cat? Two cats are truly twice as fun as one, but several steps should be taken to ensure a problem free “cat house.” Always provide an extra litter box for each new cat. Some houses find success with one more litter box per number of cats. For instance, if you have two cats, purchase three litter boxes. Clean the litter boxes every day to keep your cats using them successfully.

Be sure your cats have plenty of space in your home to roam and climb. Make areas for them to hide and play in. If you have a dog, be sure there are places the cats can go to get away from the dog.

To reduce the risk of spraying in your house, purchase a pheromone spray made specifically for cat spraying. Find the area the cat is using and spray the pheromone on it to discourage more marking.

Cats should be allowed their own bowls, although they will most likely eat from anything you put out. This will enable more than one cat to enjoy dinner without feeling threatened. Furthermore, it is important to keep fresh water in several places in the house. Consider adding fresh water to wet cat food as well to provide your furry friends with additional fluid.

Finally, consider adopting an adult cat from your local pound or shelter. It is almost guaranteed that you will find the cat just right for you within seconds. Purrr!


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