30% Off at Kohl’s, Limited Time

Everyone loves a bargain, including us! So we have put together a list of the very best deals and online coupons to help you find the best sales of the week. Don’t forget to tell us if you find some great printable coupons or deals of your own:

  • Kohl’s: Do you have a Kohl’s Card? If you shop online with your Kohl’s card between February 16 and February 23 you can get 30% off by using the coupon code FEBSAVINGS .
  • TELEFLORA: Are you buying flowers through Teleflora? We have heard people are having luck getting 25% off with the coupon code EMFV6G2S.
  • LL Bean Online Coupon: Get free shipping from LL Bean through March 1 with the online coupon code 3026415.
  • Crocs Coupon: How about 20% off your next online order at Crocs? Use the coupon ALLYOU20 which is valid through February 28.
  • External Hard Drive: When is the last time you backed up your computer? Remember, hard drives are often the first thing to go. Fortunately, you can get a $169 USB My Book Essential for only $99 at Best Buy from February 13 through February 19. Simply plug this external hard drive in to your computer’s USB port and it will carry you through the installation and backup process. Don’t ever lose those family pictures again!
  • Kodak Printer: Also from February 13 through February 19 at Best Buy, bring in your old printer for recycling and earn an instant $50 savings off of a new Kodak ESP All In One printer. Best Buy is showing it pays to recycle!
  • Free IHOP: Treat your valentine to a regular meal at IHOP for free! Print this coupon to get a buy one, get one free deal at IHOP on Valentine’s Day only. This BOGO deal is only good with a printed coupon.


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