Saving School Work for Wonderful Memories

Are you one of those parents that wants to save every bit of artwork your child brings home from school? What about all those good tests and wonderful school mementos? Obviously, you can’t save it all. But we have a nice way to keep the very best for each school year – and make memories that your children will keep forever.

When you go out to buy school supplies for the new year, purchase a hard cover three ring binder and a box of three ring sheet protectors. You can find binders that have folders on the inside as well as a place on the front and back to slip in pictures. Throughout the year, just take your favorite pieces of art and those 100 test score papers and slip them inside the sheet protectors in the folder. You can also slip in birthday invitations, sports pictures and other keepsakes to help you remember your child’s school year. Slip a copy of your child’s school picture in the front to make the book extra special.

By the end of the school year you will have a beautiful book for your child to keep and show his or her own children. On rainy days, take out the books from previous years and enjoy watching your children flip through and happily remember days gone by.


Via Women