Shopping Cart Handles Concerns

Did you know that shopping cart handles can harbor ten times more germs than almost anything else you touch during the day? Studies have found germs, viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids on these seemingly innocuous plastic handles. And even more unpleasant? Think of how many times your child has touched one of these handles, or even worse, moved down to chew on one!

Fortunately, antibacterial wipe dispensers are beginning to spring up in many community grocery stores. Of course this is not foolproof, as many antibacterial products must remain on surfaces for up to four minutes before completely disinfecting. So use these, and follow up with antibacterial hand wash when you get back to your car.

And for extra confidence, you may choose to purchase a grocery cart handle cover for your weekly shopping trips. Found in both cloth and plastic, these can be placed on cart handles and removed without making direct contact with the handle.

So use those wipes, wash your hands after, and go take advantage of that special in aisle five!


Via Women