You Have to Get One of These!

As a professional sports Mom, I have cheered on more baseball teams than I can even count.

There is nothing more exciting than sitting in those bleachers and watching one of the boys play. BUT – there is nothing more uncomfortable than those bleachers!

How many times have you realized half way through the game that your bum is numb! Heaven forbid you have to get up for a snack break – your rear end won’t even bend at this point!

But thanks to someone who probably was a Baseball Mom or Dad themselves, there is a new product that will hit a home run with every sports fan this year! I will never forget the first time I saw one. I was casually walking to the bleachers, ready to greet my fellow team parents, when I stopped in my tracks. My favorite family was already there, bottoms firmly planted in what looked like a throne for the bleachers. I must admit, I felt a surge of chair envy immediately take over my entire being.

But just look at those things! The backs were tilted just so.. there were padded arm rests and.. ack! Is that a water and windproof blanket tucked in the back?! Yes! My friends “not so casually” looked back at me with what I swear was a smirk. I sheepishly found a place on the hard benches and pretended not to notice, but I did. And when one of them got up for a potty break I made my move. I dashed up to the chair and planted myself in it, “Just to try it out.” It was wonderful!

My next purchase at Walmart was my own stadium seat. So Saturday, watch out everyone! I am going to proudly step up to the bleachers, unfold my padded, arm-chaired, blanketed turbo stadium seat and enjoy. And I just might watch some baseball too!


Via Women