Knitting – Not Just for Grandma Anymore!

OK, so you think of knitting, and picture Grandma in a rocking chair dozing off, knitting needles in her lap. But think again! Basic knitting is actually fun and fairly easy. Once you get the hang of it, knitting will come naturally and will actually become a habit.

Knitting is easy enough that anyone who has done it before can teach you. There are also local yarn shops that hold basic classes in knitting. Before you know it, you will be racing to the yarn aisle at your local super store, excited to see what is on sale today. There are yarns that sparkle, yarns that fluff and yarns that just plain feel good. You can choose any color imaginable, and can knit yourself a scarf in less than a week.

So the next time you feel a need to try something new, break out a set of knitting needles. You won’t believe how many scarves you’ll begin to plan for all of your friends and family!


Via Women