How to Get Rid of Musty Smells

Does your house smell musty? You may have hidden mold and mildew problems! This can cause health problems to both you and your family. Look in closets, under the house and in every dark area you can think of to find the source. If it is an older house, you may even have mold or mildew in your sub-flooring. Check for leaks – especially inside cabinets. You should also look inside your vents to check for moisture and mildew.

Once you have found the trouble area, clean with one gallon of water mixed with a cup of bleach. Painted areas should be cleaned with oil based paint after cleaning and drying. Consider washing your curtains and shampooing your carpets if the smell has been in your house for any length of time. Remove old shower curtains and scrub mold from corner areas with a toothbrush and your bleach solution. Additionally, you may wish to have your vents professionally cleaned.


Via Women