Warm Weather, Cool Nights and Campfire Starters!

The weather is warming up, yet the nights are cool and crisp – which can only mean one thing. Camping! And what can make those cool evenings absolutely perfect on your outdoor adventure? The perfect campfire. And no matter what you have heard, a woman can make a campfire just as well as a man.

But sometimes starting the campfire is almost as much work as it is setting up the camp. What can you bring to start get those wonderful logs blazing? Before you leave home, stuff some empty paper towel rolls with newspaper and pack them in your bag. These work very well for starting a campfire. Dryer lint is a good fire starter as well. Simply place the lint around and in your kindling to get those flames started.

You can also make camp fire starters a week before your trip. Take some cotton balls and carefully drip melted wax over them. Allow to dry and then pack them for your camping trip. Place these in your kindling and be ready for a nice toasty fire! S’mores, anyone?


Via Women