You Don’t Have to Do Everything!

As a mother of three, I felt I had to do everything right and everything expected of me. Then the holidays would come and my stress level would hit the roof. From gifts to decorations to meals – there just wasn’t enough time. Then came the year when the unbelievable happened. I ran out of time to write Christmas cards. I didn’t even have enough time to write a generic letter – and I actually didn’t have the money for stamps to my seventy-plus list! I was crushed. But do you know what? Christmas still came despite the fact that I didn’t send Christmas cards. And that extra bit of time lowered my stress level and gave me more room to breathe.

Yes, it is wonderful finding the time to let others know how you are – but if you don’t have the time, it’s OK! Let it go and relax. If you don’t have time for Christmas cards, you are not a bad Mom.

Consider what my cousin did instead! Send a letter to your family and friends with all the latest news on a holiday other than Christmas. For instance, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to send a special letter letting others know of your recent adventures. Send pictures and print your letter on beautiful red paper. Take the time to enjoy your correspondence when it isn’t a “required duty,” which will make your life a bit more enjoyable.


Via Women