Great Uses for Lip Balm!

Yes ladies, lip balm isn’t just for lips anymore! The next time you pick up some chapstick, get two. One should be strictly for your lips. The other? For your home!

Keep a tube of lip balm in your bathroom for your eyebrows. Lip balm can be spread on them to keep those unruly hairs perfectly in place. And if you cut yourself shaving your legs, keep a tube to rub on the cuts.

Are you a ski bunny? Use that lip balm around your eyes and face to prevent wind burn. Do you have a stuck ring? Rub lip balm over your finger for easy removal. Stuck zipper? You guessed it – lip balm will get your zipper zippin’.

There are more household uses for lip balm. The next time you plan to use a nail or screw, rub lip balm on it to make it easier to pound or screw in. Put lip balm on the threads of outdoor lights to prevent them from sticking due to the outside elements. And if you notice your sliding door sticking when you come back in, apply lip balm to the tracks. This also works well for sticking drawers and hinges.


Via Women