Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh the Easy Way

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a fresh green Christmas tree. Part of keeping it fresh is making sure it sits in a good liquid mix. Combine a bucket of water, a cup of corn syrup, a tablespoon of Epsom salts and ¼ cup of liquid bleach together for your Christmas tree water. Pay attention to where your tree is – you don’t want the water to bleach an expensive carpet!

Now for the really neat trick. How many times have you crawled under the fully decorated Christmas tree to pour water in the tree stand? And just how much water have you spilled trying to do it? This year, before you put up the lights, go to the pet store and buy a fish tank cleaner. This looks similar to a funnel with a long plastic tube connected to it.

If you like, paint the tube and funnel green – but this is not required. Wire the tube to the trunk of the tree, just above the stand. Run it up the trunk and place the funnel toward the back of the tree. Now you have an easy way to water your Christmas tree. Simply pour the water down the funnel!


Via Women