Teach Your Child to Ride a Two Wheeler

When my first son asked for me to take his training wheels off, I took inventory of our surroundings and chose the grass in the backyard for our first flight. Things certainly looked softer there than the sidewalk in front. Sure enough, we had great success – after several spills of course.

Since then, I’ve had two more children, and just this weekend my daughter asked for me to take her training wheels off. After composing myself (she is my baby, you know!), I removed the training wheels and off we went to the same backyard that my first two boys learned in.

There is something about the grass that helps to keep the children upright – and they all seemed less intimidated knowing there was softer ground below them. I held the back of her seat and ran with her all day. My little one still has quite a bit of practice ahead of her, so for now we will stick to the back yard. Better soft than sorry!


Via Women