Clothing Styles for Heavy Body Types

When you are overweight, buying clothes can be difficult, if not depressing. Styles often seem to be geared toward young “tweens” who weigh less than a feather. There is nothing worse than going to the fitting room with a pair of pants that you find won’t even go past your knees! Here are some tips for buying clothes that will look just right with your body type:

  • Do not shop at stores meant for a younger generation. You probably won’t find much there, and will just be depressed if you attempt to fit into those impossibly small hip huggers!
  • Avoid belts, which will show bulges that you probably don’t want to advertise.
  • Wear the same color for both your top and bottom. But if you prefer two colors, wear a lighter top which will bring gazes up to your face.
  • Do not wear busy patterns if you wear any at all.
  • Vertical lines will “thin” you, while horizontal lines will add to your size.
  • Wear skirts and dresses below the knee.
  • Do not wear shoulder pads.
  • Wear thin fabrics and straight, classic cuts.
  • Consider tops that are meant to hang outside of your pants. Short tops will show off your tummy and hips more – something you may not wish to do.
  • Try to purchase blazers and suits that have cuts below the waste – very flattering!And remember, no matter what size you are, you are always beautiful!


Via Women