Are You Eating Your Baby’s Food?

The “Baby Food Diet” is picking up steam as the new fad diet of 2010, but is it good for your health. With celebrities like, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon endorsing the diet (not officially), expect to see baby food out of stock at your favorite grocery store. Jennifer Aniston reportedly lost seven pounds for her upcoming film.

Trainer Tracy Anderson, the creator of the diet, says it consists of 14 servings of baby food per day, followed by a healthy dinner (not the pureed kind).

How the Baby Food Diet Works

Because pureed jars of baby food are low in fat, no artificial food additives or pesticides, it seems like the perfect diet. However, one person over at “Thats Fit” who tried the diet, said that she felt like she was starving herself and spoke about the consistency and taste of some of the baby food just too disgusting to eat. Now we know why there are so many funny “You Tube” videos with babies making funny faces while eating baby food. Honestly, if I were to try it, I think I would probably just pick my favorite flavors and eat those, right?

One of the best thing about the “Baby Food Diet” is that you can easily count the calories that you are taking in and a big reason why it works for some. The two big negative factors may be, that you find yourself hungry and 14 tiny jars of baby food per day can be costly.

Are you going to try give the “Baby Food Diet” a shot? If you do, let us know what you think of it.


Via Women