Birth Control Pills Recall

Not something women who use birth control want to hear. A recall has been issued on birth control pills, by Qaulitest Pharmaceuticals, due to placebo pills being placed in the wrong slots. This has lawsuit written all over it. I expect to hear reports of women who wanted to put off rearing children until later in life and had a surprise pregnancy due to this mishap.

The recall states that two Clyclafem, two Glidess, as well as Orsythia, Previfen, Emoquette and Tri-Previfem birth control pills were rotated 180 degrees past where they should have been. This mistake reversed the dosage, placing some days with placebo pills incorrectly.

For more information on the recall, please visit the Qualitest Pharmaceutical Website. Warning, this is a .pdf file and it will download it to your computer as all .pdf files do. Don’t be alarmed.


Via Women