Teen Mom Kills Intruder After Husband’s Funeral

Sarah Dawn McKinley of Blanchard Oklahoma was home alone with her three month old baby when a horrible thing happened. The new mother had just lost her husband to cancer and, in fact, had just returned home from his funeral when a man, Justin Martin, knocked on her door. He said he was a neighbor and just wanted to say “Hello.”

When McKinley wouldn’t open the door Martin left only to return a few days later on New Year’s Eve with another man. The two tried to gain entry by force into the house and McKinley retreated to her bedroom with her infant child.

The teen mom grabbed a shotgun and called 911 asking the operator if it was OK to shoot an intruder if he used force to break down her bedroom door. After repeating the question, she was told that she needed to do whatever she had to to protect herself and her son.

About that time, Martin kicked open the door and came toward her with a long hunting knife. McKinley said she had no choice but to shoot him. The man who forced his way into the house was now dead. The other alleged intruder, Dustin Stewart, ran away, but later turned himself into police and was charged with burglary.

The really scary thing is that someone had to be looking through obituaries to see that this woman had recently lost her husband as I don’t think it was a coincidence that this guy showed up at her door the day of her husband’s funeral.

This beautiful young woman needs our prayers. She not only lost her precious husband and the father of her child but now has to deal with the fact that she killed someone although it was the right thing to do given the circumstances. God bless you, Sarah Dawn McKinley. Our prayers are with you.


Via Women