Calculate Your Calories to Start Losing Weight

Add an ImageWinter often means a sedentary lifestyle for many. This is an easy time to gain a few extra pounds if we aren’t careful. Knowing how many calories we burn a day can help us to manage our calorie intake and keep off the extra weight!

If you eat more than your calculated daily calories, the extra calories will be stored as fat. If you consume fewer calories and exercise regularly, your body will burn fat and you will lose weight – just in time for bikini weather!

First, convert the amount of pounds you weigh to kilograms. To do this, divide your weight by 2.2 to find out how many kilograms you weigh. If you are a woman, multiply this number by .9 (men should skip this step). Then multiply your final results by 24. This final number is the minimal number of calories you need to survive. The number is also known as your RMR. Again, eating more daily calories than your RMR will result in weight gain. Eating less while exercising will result in weight loss. But did we burn any calories calculating all that math?


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